The shape of your face is important when figuring out what haircut you should have. If you’re looking for the perfect haircut, taking your face shape into consideration is essential to getting something that will complement your shape. And finding out your face shape before your next salon appointment is easy.

You simply take out a ruler and then measure the widths of your brow, jawline, and cheekbones, as well as the length of your face from your chin to forehead. Those with round faces will have a face nearly as wide as it is long while those with oval faces will have the widths of their cheekbones, brow and jaw almost equal. Those with heart-shaped faces will have a wide brow and narrow jaw, but those with square faces will have the length and width of their face equal.

Here a few style for every face shape:

Round Face: If you want a short ‘do, go with a gamine with spiky layers around your crown since the pixie cut will downplay your round face. If you want medium-length hair, go with a collarbone-skimming bob that hits your shoulders to add angles and break up the chin area. For longer looks, go with long, barely there layers that just come up to your jawline so that it doesn’t make your face seem fuller than it is.

Heart Face – a short pixie cut with short layers on top will cancel out your pronounced jawline, while a collarbone-layered crop is great if you want a medium-length cut. If you like longer styles, go with long layers and full bangs offset your prominent jaw.

Oval Face – An angular bob with chin-length layers will emphasize your face shape while a sleek cut that hits your shoulders will give your face an elongating effect if you prefer medium-length cuts. If you want longer strands, go with side-swept bangs to shorten your oval face.

Square Face – If you want to go short, opt for a short layered bob that has subtle bangs to put emphasis on your cheekbones while light shoulder-length layers all around your face with sweeping bangs will prevent the eye from going straight to your face’s sharp corners. Those who prefer longer looks can opt for collarbone-length strands that have some bangs that hit at the cheekbone for a flattering look.