It’s almost every girl’s wish to get married to the guy of her dreams in an amazing wedding. Sadly, life teaches you that you have to kiss many frogs in order for you to find Prince Charming. But for me, marriage is not a priority in life and it will probably never be.  Here are my reasons:

I don’t want to get stuck in a rut

Arguing over the same things over and over with my husband is not the life I envision for myself. Let’s face it, married couples argue over the same things every time.

“You don’t clean up after yourself!”

“You are a nag!”

“You always forget to take out the trash”

“You never pay attention to me!”

Seriously? I can’t deal with another person’s irritating habits and petty problems for the rest of my life. Marriage is forever, until death do you part. No thanks. I’d like to be able to leave when I’m just not feeling the relationship anymore.

I like my freedom

Before doing anything I’ll have to consult my husband. I won’t be able to go on unplanned road trips without informing my husband. For the rest of my life, I won’t be able to do whatever the heck I want without being concerned with the needs and wishes of my husband.

Marriage adds a lot of red tape and bureaucracy in the relationship

When I get married I’ll have to change my name on my documents since I imagine I’ll be taking my husband’s last name. That’s just too much work. Besides, I like my maiden name and I would like to keep it. And no, I won’t be comfortable  hyphenating my name.

I believe marriage is outdated

Society is beginning to embrace different types of relationships. They are embracing gay relationships and single parent relationships among other types of relationships. People are slowly moving away from the idea that woman have to get married in order to have children or a stable loving relationship. They are beginning to accept that it’s not the only path to follow.

I don’t want to deal with my husband’s family

The evil mother-in-law, the sisters-in-law who can’t butt out of our marriage, the brother-in-law who just bums at our house all day long, and the list goes on and on. I can’t deal with these people. They are a bunch of strangers who feel like they have a right to interfere with our marriage. I know you’re thinking that maybe I might marry a guy who has a cool family but I know the odds are against me so I won’t take any chances.

Marriage makes people stay in bad relationships

By now I know most of you are rolling your eyes because my reasons for not wanting to get married might sound ridiculous. But I bet $100 that if marriage was a 2 year contract, most of you won’t renew it. I think most people stay in bad marriages because they are afraid of going against religious or cultural beliefs about divorce. They just stay and in bad marriages and spend thousands of dollars making trips to see marriage therapists.

Weddings are expensive and stressful

I’m a perfectionist so most likely I’d want my wedding to be perfect. I’d also like my wedding to be lavish and stylish so I’ll only hire the best wedding planner which means my husband and I will have to dig deeper into our pockets. Did I mention that I’m a perfectionist? I’d go crazy trying to find the perfect wedding gown, the perfect décor, the perfect venue and so on.

I’m not comfortable sharing my personal space

I can accommodate a guy for the weekend at my house and that’s just about it. Obviously, I can’t tell my husband that I only want him to live at our house during the weekends only. That would be ridiculous. But you see I’d have to share my space with my husband for the rest of my life. That doesn’t sound appealing to me. Sorry.

I know for most people, marriage is a very touchy topic. When someone says marriage isn’t for them they start feeling like you’re committing a crime against nature. I’m just not buying the crap TV feeds us about how marriage can be good if you work on it. I know marriage is hard work and it can work out in the end but I’m not ready to work that hard for a relationship. Maybe one day I will, besides not marrying does not mean being single.