Every woman loves getting her nails done but hates it when her beautiful manicure starts chipping after only a few days. It’s one of the most frustrating things about beauty, and the only thing you can do is change your nail polish color yourself or head back to the nail salon for a quick touch up, which can get dangerously expensive if you’re going in once a week. But fret no more beauty junkies, here are some tips on how to make your manicure last a lot longer:

  1. Never soak your nails before painting them

To make your manicure stretch, don’t soak your nails before you paint them. Even though your manicurists does this to soften the cuticles, it can actually cause your nails to retain water and expand so once they’re painted, your nails will shrink and your polish won’t fit your nails. Ask them to use cuticle oil instead.

  1. Don’t get polish on your cuticles

If you’re doing your own manicure, try not to get polish on your cuticles since it can lift the paint from your actual nail and this leads to unwanted chipping. Instead, push them back using cuticle oil and a pusher tool.

  1. To coats of base-coat to your nail’s tips

Since the tip of your nails is more prone to chipping, you can add two coats of base-coats to the tips of your nails for extra protection.

  1. Don’t shake your polish up and down

Many of us shake our polish up and down to distribute the color, but instead, you should roll it between your hands so that you get rid of air bubbles. If you paint air bubbles on your nails, they’ll actually chip faster.

  1. Use cool air to dry nails

When drying your nails, use cool air instead of hot air since hot hair will keep your polish from drying.

  1. Reapply topcoat every few days

To make sure chipping doesn’t happen as fast, you should reapply a layer of clear topcoat every three days (and it’ll also enhance the shine of your manicure).