Over two-hundred million Americans are considered obese or overweight as of the date of this writing. Millions of these people take on a diet or fitness plan with the goal to lose the weight and get healthier. However, a plan is only half the battle, a dedicated person also needs to inculcate good guidelines for health and fitness into their every day, good rules and habits that will stay with them long after they’ve moved on from their fitness plan or diet. This article will give you five good rules for the long haul.

Tip 1: Start Your Day Right

Start your day by actually getting up. Don’t hit the snooze button repeatedly. If you are too tired, you should have gone to bed earlier. You need to get up and do some calisthenics and then get your shower. After this is done, make sure you have enough time to sit down and have a good, balanced breakfast. Not only will this help you from snacking uncontrollably in the afternoon, but there is the old colloquialism, “If you start your day right, you will usually end it that way.”

Tip 2: Portion Control

Do not cook more than you should eat, and in those few cases that you eat out while you are on your diet or fitness plan, try to choose healthy, smaller-portioned items. Eat your food slowly, and don’t be upset if you are still a little hungry after eating.

Tip 3: Spice it Up

Some spicy foods, particularly Cayenne pepper, contain capsaicin, which has several healthy benefits. It is noted for its ability to help improve circulation and combat heart disease, but capsaicin also speeds up your metabolism and can reduce hunger slightly.

Tip 4: Don’t Forget to Brush

You should brush your teeth after dinner. Not only does this have the obvious dental health benefits, but brushing can help dissuade you from eating after dinner. This is a fantastic rule, because if you are still hungry enough to eat again (thus having to re-brush your teeth), you probably didn’t actually eat enough for dinner.

Tip 5: Don’t Give Up

Never give up. The road will get bumpy, and may even throw you off a bit, but just because you have to correct back onto the street, doesn’t mean you should stop your journey all together. A dollar short is never optimal, but two quarters are better than nothing at all.

These five rules will help give you a baseline for building a good diet or fitness plan off of. Good luck on your journey towards weight-loss and healthier living.  – Christopher Patrick